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GROW PURE is a liquid growth promoter/growth booster which helps boost soil conditions and maintain luxurious growth of all sort of plants. It’s a well-researched formulation with balance of Micro-nutrients like Zinc, Boron, Magnesium, Manganese, Ferrous as well as Macro-nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Sulphur. It has proven to be complete nutrition package for all sorts of crops.

• Rich source of trace minerals which helps provide balanced nutrition to the plant

• Improves overall fertility of the soil by providing essential micro & macro organic matter

• Helps to maintain Soil pH & its water holding capacity

• Increases crop yield by 10-40%

• Enhances fruiting, flowering ability & increases Seed Germination Rate

• Stimulates root growth and development

• Reduces Fruit and Flower Drop

• It helps improve foliage, texture & colour of vegetation

• It is highly beneficial in vegetable crops, fruit crops, flower crops, staples and others

• There is no health hazard effect to human due to non-toxicity


• Mix 25 ml of this formulation with 15 ltr of water for all crops

• Shake and stir well before use 



CROP FIGHTER is a well researched formulation with balance of various trace elements available
from nature which completely removes crop diseases from its root cause and provides an excellent control over any further spread of pests like thrips, mites, suck pests, white fly, aphids, jassids, various types of larva and several other diseases.

• Protects plants from thrips, mites, various types of larva, suck pests, white fly, various other pests as well as various Fungal and Viral Diseases

• Eradicates most of crop/plant diseases from its root cause & stops any sort of further development

• Maintains natural quality of food/plant without trace of any toxic chemical

• It helps to maintain overall growth of crop, its fruiting & flowering capability

• It helps maintain foliage, texture & colour of vegetation

• There is no health hazardous effect to human due to non-toxicity

• It helps reduce harmful residue in environment which causes pollution and helps develop healthy ecosystem

• Economical compared to traditional chemical pesticides

• Mix 50 ml of this formulation with 15 ltr of water for all crops

• Shake and stir it well before use



GIVE PURE-90 is a superior spreading, sticking, wetting & activating agent, developed to improve the penetration of sprays. It reduces the surface tension to a very low level, resulting in a rapid wetting gum spreading on leaves. When incorporated in formulations, near complete coverage of leaf is achieved. The product facilitates uptake of chemicals into the plant tissue.


• GIVE PURE-90 reduces surface tension and makes water wetter

• It also helps water penetrate the soil faster and more evenly

• Helps the pesticides spread better & hence gives better disease control

• Many types of soils, because of their compact nature or water repellency, tend to resist water’s penetration

• By making water wetter, GIVE PURE-90 helps water penetrate these soils more easily and get on with the job for which it is intended.

• Because of the faster soil penetration, there is less run or less wasted water

• Helps keep pesticides in suspension

• Often the pesticide may not mix really well with water & separates rather
quickly, when GIVE PURE-90 is added to the solution according to the directions, it helps keep pesticides
dispersed so that separation problem is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely

• GIVE PURE-90 is made with unique, non corrosive formula to protect metal pumps, tanks, and other metal equipment from the dangers of rust and corrosion

• GIVE PURE-90 contains low foaming surfactant which is both non-ionic & biodegradable

• It helps improve crop yield by 30-40%


• Mix 5-10 ml of GIVE PURE-90 with 15 ltr of water for all crops for foliar application.

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