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HUMIC PURE is a well researched & developed Humic Acid based plant growth regulator which helps boosts soil condition, maintain luxurious growth of plants & help protect plant from environmental stress. It is fortified with various nutrients, growth elements & trace elements available in nature to promote root growth, plant growth and boost immune system of crops. HUMIC PURE passes through various quality checks & it has proven its efficacy in various field tests. It has proven compatibility with most soil & tropical conditions.


• Rich source of trace minerals which helps provide balanced nutrition to the plant

• Improves overall fertility of the soil by providing essential micro & macro organic matter

• Helps to maintain Soil pH, its water holding & water filtration capacity

• Increases crop yield by 10-40%

• Enhances fruiting & flowering ability & increases Seed Germination Rate

• Stimulates root growth and development

• Reduces Fruit and Flower Drop

• It helps improve foliage, texture & colour of vegetation

• It is highly beneficial in vegetable crops, fruit crops, flower crops, staples and most other crops

• It protects crops from environmental stress

• There is no health hazardous effect to human due to non-toxic nature of the product


• Mix 30-40 ml of this formulation with 15 ltr of Water for all crops

• Shake & Stir well before use



SOIL KING is a mineral high polymer compound, providing special nutrients like Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Micro Nutrients and organic nutrients with good solubility and stability in soil. It helps preventing and quickly corrects the syndrome of nutrients deficiency especially micro-nutrients deficiency, at the same time, it contributes to better metabolism and improves yield.


•Improves soil structure and root system development

• Adjust pH of soil and decrease alkalinity and salt content in soil

• Increases the availability of nutrient element and activity of the micro-organisms in soil

• Enhances soil cation exchange ability

• Improves the quality of the plant by stimulating the form of the enzyme

• Increases the effectiveness of pesticides and decreases the toxicity of it

• Increases the output of the crops

• Increase the absorption of pesticides by plants and slows down its resolve speed

• Increases water holding capacity of soil and ability of effectively anti-drought

• Strengthens root and increases seeding rate


• 2 Kg per Acre at the time of sowing, planting and top-dressing



SOIL PURE is a well researched and developed soil conditioner which helps boost soil condition, maintains luxurious growth of plants and helps protect plants from viral infection, insects, fungus and various other diseases. It’s an excellent research formulation with balance of Micro nutrients and Macro Nutrients


• It adds essential nutrients to soil and makes it more fertile and productive

• Improves aeration and water holding capacity of soil

• Improves plant root development of crops

• It May Help in maintaining pH balance

• Reduces harmful pests and diseases from soil

• Improves immune power of crops and helps protect them against various diseases

• It may help reduce usage of pesticides and other medicines

• There is no harmful effect on human and animal since  no heavy metals and harmful chemicals used in formulation of this product


• Mix 1000 ml of SOIL PURE to 150 ltr of water

• Shake well before use and stir it well

• Store in dry
condition and away from direct sunlight

• Wash eyes thoroughly in case of direct contact

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